Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Second Response

At first, we tried.


Obsessed, there must be a way.

We tried to take on the world, but left ourselves behind.

We retraced our steps to find ourselves, but the world cried out in desperation.

At first, we tried. 


We tried to go against the grain, but the current was so strong.

We tried to fit in, but a new hole appeared.

Endless. Effort.

Fight. Exhaustion.

Crumple, under the heavy weight.

Who is playing this awful joke?

It ain’t funny, my mother said.

Except that it is.

It is the highest order of hysteric.

Welcome to the age of the second response.

The second response is alive in me. 

It lives like joy, it lives like surrender.

It lives like saturated colour, and the taste of honey.

It lives like empowerment, personal strength, well-being, and fitness.

It lives like a fractal, being whole, but also part.

It lives like a spectacle, just the right amount of self-absorbed.

Today, I and we, welcome the second response, of an active surrender.

Today we turn the joke on its head, and make our existence a care free, and care full celebration

We are inherently ok, primordially ok, and we will choose to act anyways.

We will make our actions an ecstatic celebration, we will learn how to make our very lives a wildest party.

The joke will not be on us, the joke will not be on me.

Now is the time. Go deeper within. Go further without.

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