Monday, July 20, 2015

My Body is a Book

My body is a book

A collection of stories

My knee is the story of my pride

I could walk all the world, I just could not stand myself

A careless mistake, and my denial of the consequences

The story of my knee is still playing out

One year later, feeling the fall

My mouth is the story of my shame

And how it transforms into my wholeness

I can take care of the world, I just cannot bare to floss my teeth

Suffer in silence, behind closed lips, sacrifice it all for the cause

Open my mouth, and feel the universe flood into me

And the best of me flood into the world

My back contains a story of dread

The dread that I am alone in the universe

Unable to keep watch on it myself, I wonder if I can trust any other

Is there anywhere safe, will I ever find rest?

Do not tell me you "got me", friend, place your hands on my back

Be the wind when my boat is standing still

The soles of my feet tell just how far I've come

They are the constant, the continuity, my connection point

To this floating rock in space, held there by gravity

When something is true, my feet know first, a soft tingle

They are the trustworthy companion

That remind me to celebrate my journey

Other parts remain unread, mysteries to me still...

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