Thursday, July 7, 2016

Toronto Calling

The last couple of months have brought some drastic life changes. After 2 years of holding the lease on a house in Kitchener, the house disbanded at the end of March. I let go of the house intending to be a bit more nomadic again. I knew I would be between my family farm, and Toronto, and possibly Montreal and Halifax and the east coast as well. Since then, there’s been some developments that I wasn’t expecting.

There are so many big changes afoot. The house on my family farm is soon to be rented to another family in a rather long term way. My sister just finished college and is looking for an apartment or a family to live with in Kincardine where my dad lives. I am between work, and possibly even between careers. I have been finding that all of this change is calling for at least one element of my life to have some solidity to it, and I am going with housing.

I had long thought of Kitchener-Waterloo as my home-home, but since letting go of my house there, I’m no longer feeling that. I want to experience different places, lifestyles, and cultures. I am making my first stop Toronto.

A beautiful living opportunity has come up, for me to live in The Beaches area of Toronto, a district that almost feels like a beach town, but with big city perks. The beach of Lake Ontario is a 4 minute walk from the house, which I really treasure. Living in Kitchener, I missed the great lakes, because I didn’t have a car. I am living with a number of the same folks with whom I am working, on Unleash. It is an interesting arrangement because Unleash will be hosting events & workshops in Toronto which out of town people will consistently be brought here for, and part of the purpose of the house is a space to host them. I am excited about this opportunity to get to know some amazing diverse people. Our current arrangement is a fully furnished house that we have leased for one year from a family who was going traveling. I really love the house.

I am excited to be sure that I have a stable room again… I have been realizing that in order to take care of my well-being, having somewhere to return that is comfy, safe, and ongoing, is important. I now feel confident to connect in with the yoga studio, find a doctor, and make sure that I can create the routine that I need to start getting my hurting knees back to full health.

There are so many other things that I want to write about and share, but sharing this update about where you can find me now, feels the most important right now.

Toronto feels like a good place to be for me right now, because it is still close enough to my family members for me to go connect with them in person, and also the work I am most wanting to do professionally is right here as well. My family is scattered around south-western Ontario. In the past I’ve often felt that I needed to get out of Ontario to connect with the people who were interested in doing the work I was interested in. True, no longer! And I am so grateful. Toronto is calling.

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